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The Journey


3 High profile people will be challenged to take on the ultimate personal and physical challenge of completing their first Iron Distance event demonstrating that with the right support and effort anything is possible.

As we tap into this human interest journey, the emotional roller coaster of such a huge endeavour is captured and we parallel that with the struggles and joy of raising a child with autism - To inspire and give hope to those that feel hopeless in their struggle by showing anything is possible.

Our 3 celebrities will swim 3.8km then ride 180km and finally run a marathon (42.2km) all within 15 hours in the world’s largest Iron Distance triathlon - Challenge Roth Germany July 1


As these stories are woven together we come to understand that even the strongest people sometimes fall to their knees; that relentless self-belief doesn’t come easily but it does pay off; and most importantly, that if we dare to imagine great things for ourselves and our children, if we find a purpose bigger than ourselves we achieve amazing things, push ourselves further than we ever believed possible and create a better world.

This story will be come to life and be documented across TV (National Geographic and Fox Sport/ESPN in Asia Pacific and China and Free to Air TV in Australia) as well as social and web platforms.



The first stage of the race is a 3.86 km swim which takes place in the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal situated approximately 10 km outside Roth.



The 180.25 km bike course uses a two-lap course on the countryside, mostly south of Roth. The course is relatively flat with a few tough hills to test the athletes.

Run a Marathon


The final marathon run is a single lap course with several turning points where our athletes will get to pass each other and finishes in a purpose built stadium in central Roth.

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Maxing out is a TV and Web documentary that follows well known celebrities on a journey to their first ever Iron Distance Triathlon - Swimming 3.8km, Riding 180km and Running a 42.2km marathon, all within 15 hours on one day in July 2018 . This is a documentary to mirror the struggle of everyday challenges dealing with a child with Autism as we endeavour to raise much needed funds and awareness for Autism Spectrum disorder. 4 ASD KIDS does incredible things in this to help families impacted by Autism and we are putting our athletes through this challenge to be able to help more of these families.

Please dig deep and support these guys getting out of their comfort zone for ASD kids and their families in need. Every little bit counts!


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