Chloe Maxwell

CHLOE MAXWELL Former Super Model, TV Personality And Author Of ‘Living With Max'

One of the most popular and recognised faces on the Australian media landscape; Chloe Maxwell appears to have done it all. Media personality, TV + radio presenter, model, author, MC, public speaker. In 2008 Chloe married long time partner Mat Rogers and their 2 children Phoenix and Max, joined his two older children Jack and Skyla. Together they developed the charity 4 ASD Kids to help under-privileged families fund their children’s therapy for Autism, as Max (Chloe’s own son) was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Mat: We are here with Maxing Out Athlete Chloe Maxwell and we want you to get to know her better so we're going to ask the hard-hitting questions in a few minutes with Chloe, so Chloe first question; How old are you ?

Chloe: I have no idea (laughs)

Mat: Good answer for a woman and I shouldn't have asked the question (laughs)

Chloe: I think I’m 42, around that

Mat: You’re actually 41, don’t make yourself older than you already are, all right so where do you live?

Chloe: I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland

Mat: Tell us, what do you like about the Gold Coast?

Chloe:  What's not to like, there's incredible parks, great things for families and kids to do, we've got pristine beaches, amazing weather, beautiful hinterland, great people like ourselves  (laughs)

Mat: Sold I'm moving in

Chloe: You already are living with me

Mat: Okay so do you have a nickname that you would like to share?

Chloe:  C-Max, I get C to the max

Mat: How did you get that?

Chloe: Chloe Maxwell

Mat: Oh

Chloe: Kind of makes sense

Mat: I was joking (laughs)

Chloe: You need me to write your jokes  (laughs)

Mat: Tell us a little bit about your career so everybody knows, I mean a lot of people know you as the Jeans West girl.

Chloe: Yes, I was actually discovered walking through Pitt Street Mall in Sydney by my manager and I was on a show called A Current Affair

and they picked girls up off the street and turned them into models and I was one of those girls.

It went from there, I went into modeling and modeled all around the world and got a Jeans West campaign that a lot of people would know me for and worked on music television Channel V, radio and lots of different things.

Mat: I know you've done some modeling in your career, who is the most famous person you've modeled with?

Chloe: There were a few, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington

Mat: Wow

Chloe: Claudia Schiffer

Mat: Oohh, I had a little crush on her when I was a kid

Chloe: Did you?

Mat:  I did, there you go.   So, you're a mum, a wife, family is very important to you, tell us a little bit about your family

Chloe: Well I'm married to you and you're great (laughs) you paid me to say that (laughs)

I've got four children all together, obviously Mat had two kids before we met so I've got two stepchildren that are 18 and 22 and I've got two other children Maxie and Phoeeny that are 10 and

11 and Max has autism.

Mat: Yeah and how is that been?

Chloe: Yeah it's well it's a lot better now than it was when he was first diagnosed; it was a really big struggle for me as a mother to cope with the diagnosis and actually before he was diagnosed he was very violent towards me and I'd have a lot of difficulty dealing with him basically and it wasn't until he got that diagnosis that we could actually access therapies that were crucial in his development and in a very short period of time he was able to do little things that you take for granted like say things like ‘I love you mummy’ and stuff like that and we just saw that these styles of therapy were very crucial for autistic children to develop and to be able to assimilate into normal society. 

The only problem was that there wasn't funding for it, a lot of people didn't have the resources and we were lucky enough to have those resources and that's why we started 4ASDKids to help families have access to these therapies.

Mat: Awesome.  So how do you think your kids would describe you?

Chloe: Funny, cranky, bossy, don’t know, they're probably the top 3 that comes to mind, did I say cranky? (laughs)

Mat: Yeah you did, well you can throw that in there twice I reckon (laughs) that should be in there twice (laughs)

So the challenge that lies ahead, how do you feel moving forward, you're going to take that on?

Chloe: I feel like I'm going to die, I feel like I’d probably end up in a pool of red wine at the finish line (laughs) I don't know, I don't know I've never done anything like this before, I'm absolutely petrified, I really don't know, I don't know how I'm going to get through it, but I guess I figure I'm the mother of an autistic child, I can do anything right? I just have to get through it, grit my teeth and bear it.

Mat: Awesome, well thanks for spending time with us.

Chloe: Thank you


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Maxing out is a TV and Web documentary that follows well known celebrities on a journey to their first ever Iron Distance Triathlon - Swimming 3.8km, Riding 180km and Running a 42.2km marathon, all within 15 hours on one day in July 2018 . This is a documentary to mirror the struggle of everyday challenges dealing with a child with Autism as we endeavour to raise much needed funds and awareness for Autism Spectrum disorder. 4 ASD KIDS does incredible things in this to help families impacted by Autism and we are putting our athletes through this challenge to be able to help more of these families.

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