Ash Bradnam


Ash is joined by Kip Wightman and David 'Luttsy' Lutteral to give Brisbane listeners a laugh as they wake up from 6am weekdays. He has enjoyed a varied career that has always involved him entertaining an audience.

From radio to television, to acting in a film he co-wrote, Ash is known for his ability to spin a good story and can always find humour in any situation. Ash lives with his family on the northern end of the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Mat: So we are here with Ash Bradnam, one of the Maxing Out 2018 Athlete’s and we're going to spend a few minutes with Ash and get to know him and we're going to ask the hard-hitting questions.

Ash: Alright let's do it Mat.

Mat: All right, so first question, how old are you?

Ash: 45

Mat: 45 years

Ash: 45 years, born 1972

Mat: 45 years young

Ash: Yeh, so I’m getting up there, yep

Mat: Mate where do you live?

Ash:  I live on the Gold Coast, beautiful Queensland in Australia, it's a great place to actually train and all the rest, and we have pretty good weather in Queensland a good part of the world.

Mat: So what is it that you like about it? What do you do? What do you love about the Gold Coast?

Ash: I love fishing.  I love surfing.  My work is actually in another city, Brisbane, but I love the beach, I love the open water.  I do the commute each day so that I could just be at home.  I live on the water and so I get out there as often as I can, I’m always out there either fishing or surfing.

Mat: Nice, so, have you lost my phone number? I love fishing too (laughs)

Ash: Well let’s do it Mat.  Lately, as I understand it, we're going to be spending all of our time on the bike, so you might have to wait until after we get this Roth Challenge out of the way.

Mat: Yeah, have you got a nickname?

Ash:  Yeah they call me Voodoo.

Mat: Voodoo?

Ash: Yen 

Mat: Why do they call you Voodoo?

Ash: Well in all honesty, they don’t call me Voodoo, I call myself Voodoo (laughs) I’ve been trying to get this nickname to stick since I was 18, nobody calls me Voodoo but I just try and convince them.  Can you call me Voodoo? like is it that hard? I think it's a cool nickname

Mat: Well mate, I’ll call you Voodoo (laughs)

Ash: You call me Voodoo I’d love that (laughs)

Mat: Your career, you’re working in radio, how did that all start?  What got you into radio?

Ash: When l look back on it, I think I was always passionate about radio but to be honest I never thought that I had the voice for it.  I I've never even considered it, I just got really lucky, honestly, I just went to a dinner party one night when I was about 22 and a guy that was at the dinner party was in radio and he rang up a about a week later and said there was a job going at the station that he was working at and said ‘mate I think you’d be good on radio’ and it changed my life,

absolutely changed my life and I started in radio.

From the second that I started working in radio, I just I fell in love with it and I just remember feeling relief because I was like ‘this is what I want to do with the rest of my life’. 

I love my sport, I started to call sport and rugby league, I saw you come through when you started playing for the Sharks, I was doing the sideline commentary in rugby league and then that branched from one thing to another.  I've just kept my love for sport and broadcasting, I'm one of the lucky people, I can honestly say I love my job, I love what I do and hopefully I can just keep doing it.

Mat: Nice one, what about any career highlights and anything you can think back on and go wow that was a moment.

Ash: I've had a lot actually.  I think its pretty special getting to call rugby league as someone who grew up wanting to play rugby league but I was never talented enough, to be able to call rugby league, it was probably the next best thing and I get that adrenaline and I love being able to call things in the moment so anytime I got to do that was a highlight. 

The Sydney Olympics in 2000, I covered a lot of the gold medal wins for Australia in Sydney, that was a highlight and then doing the breakfast radio that I do these days, not a highlight, but it's what I love, I get to sit down with my mates every day and have a laugh, honestly that's what I love, we could be talking to a Hollywood star one day or someone who’s got the number one song in the world the next. 

The one constant is I'm just around my mates and I'm talking to my mates and that's what I love, I love the immediacy of radio, after all these years, I still get that that bit of adrenaline rush and I love it.

Mat: So you're a family man, you’re married, kids a beautiful family tell us a little bit about your family.

Ash: 17 years married this year and that's been an achievement, trust me, I didn’t think we were going to get there, oh man, that's probably my greatest achievement actually, we’ve got 3 beautiful boys as well, my wife Jodi she's a doctor of psychology actually, so she just practices on me, I'm giving her plenty of material over the years to sort of work out what's wrong with me and she's not afraid to tell me.  3 beautiful boys, I’m a family guy, that’s where I spend most of my time.

Mat: How would your kids describe you?

Ash:  You probably wouldn’t be able to put it on video.  I’m the fun one, I'm definitely the fun one out of mum and dad, or I’d better be anyway (laughs) I'm not the disciplinarian but we have a good time together and I think that they know me, I guess what a lot of people do just someone who's passionate about what they do and I'm always trying to encourage them to just follow what they're passionate about in life as well because you know for me that's success you know, if you're passionate about what you're doing, you love what you do, you know I think we spent a fair bit of our life working and if you can combine what you're passionate about with your work then to me that's a fair level of success, so I'm always trying to drum that into my boys.  Love what you do and do what you love.

Mat: Nice.  We've got a pretty big challenge ahead, Challenge Roth in Germany on July 1, we’re a fair way out from that mark just yet, how do you think you’re going to get to that start line and get through the day?

Ash:  Well I'm just honestly just trying to get my head around now the amount of work that is ahead of me.  Between now and Roth and just trying to be really logical about it and go ‘okay these are the spare amounts of hours that I've got in a day’ given work commitments family commitments and ‘this is what I have to do to get there’ and I know what I have to do now, it's just a matter now of actually sticking to a program and I'm actually lucky that what I've worked out in my life is I need structure and I need to stay on the straight and narrow. I really do, I need structure and I've learned that the hard way and so that's what this is going to give me, this challenge is going to give me plenty of structure you know and I can't get into trouble if I'm sitting on the bike for ten hours a week, so yeah that's what I'm going to be doing is really focusing on the bike and my swimming and running, I’ve got a few marathons under my belt but you know nothing like this and the bike is a new challenge for me so you know it's going to be just spending plenty of time in the saddle and hopefully getting used to riding 180 kilometres.

Mat:  Awesome, well nice to spend some time with you, look forward to the challenge.

Ash: Yeah let's do it mate.

Mat: Awesome

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